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Wraypex Pty Ltd v Barnes and others

This case involved a prodigious damages claim based on alleged defamation by activists who were opposing a development. The company was unsuccessful in its claim against the activists. Given that the issue of costs was not decided in the main judgment, in a separate judgment on costs, it was found that, “Pla/intiff’s counsel likened the case to what is known in other jurisdictions as “SLAPP”. The acronym stands for Strategic Litigation Aimed against Public Participation. No instances of cases so described are to be found in local law report but the concept of vexatiousness corresponds very closely with the features of a “SLAPP” suit.

Court: North Gauteng High Court
Case Number or  Citation: 30729/05, 30730/05, 32648/05, 32649/05
Date of judgement: 6 December 2010 and 9 February 2011
Judge/s: Sapire, J.
Type of application: Damages
Legislation considered: National Environmental Management Act, 1998
Also known as: Wraypex case

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