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SLAPP Suits Worldwide

SLAPPs are are on the rise around the world. As human rights defenders co-ordinate locally and globally, their powerful resistance to corporations whose harmful activities impact on environmental, social and cultural rights, has attracted the ire of those that they oppose. Their resistance is however, undeterred and as a multitude of reports and studies have shown, SLAPPs are being better understood and better defended around the world. Here are links to some of our partners, locally and internationally, who are working on SLAPPs. Their resources may be of use in the resistance!

Looking for an anti-SLAPP strategy? Our partners at International Centre for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL) have put together some great guidelines for resisting SLAPP in the Global South.

Protecting Activists from Abusive Litigation SLAPPs in the Global South and How to Respond

ICNL presents the first cross-regional survey of SLAPPs in the Global South, along with the first rigorous comparative analysis of anti-SLAPP policy responses undertaken in the Global North and the Global South. Our survey shows that SLAPPs pose a serious threat to the exercise of fundamental freedoms in the Global South, particularly for activists, civil society organizations, journalists, and community members who dare to criticize powerful entities.

Business and Human Rights Resource Centre (BHRRC)

To formulate well considered anti-SLAPP strategies, read more about SLAPP in Southeast Asia. Our partners at the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre have compiled cases of SLAPP as well as recommendations for governments, businesses and civil society. A March 2020 briefing paper provides some additional information for Defending Defenders.

Silencing the Critics: How big polluters try to paralyse environmental and human rights advocacy through the courts