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Asina Loyiko Website Launch Webinar

SLAPPs as a Global Phenomenon, hosted by International Centre for Not-for-Profit Law

SLAPPs (strategic litigation against public participation) are a global problem that increasingly undermines the exercise of fundamental freedoms around the world. Join us to hear accounts from activists who have been targeted by SLAPPs, as well as a presentation of the most recent research findings on the scope and dimensions of the problem, and discussion of what can be done to address this threat.

2020 ICAR Annual Meeting – Protecting Protest: Fighting Back Against Corporate Bullies

Judicial harassment against human rights and environmental defenders and other public watchdogs is on the rise around the globe. With a diverse panel of speakers, this session will explore how judicial harassment by companies against activists arises and plays out in a variety of jurisdictions. From this discussion, we hope to be able to identify ways civil society actors are working to combat judicial harassment in their jurisdictions can collaborate to build power and stigmatize the use of these tactics.