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Funding and Other Resources for Anti-SLAPP Work

We will regularly update this page with funding and grant opportunities for organisations working to combat SLAPP! Since this website belongs to civil society and community organisations working to combat corporate bullying and SLAPP, we encourage partners to alert us to funding opportunities that will enhance our responses to corporate bullies and help coordinate our work more effectively.

Here is a call for proposals: Countering Abusive Litigation through Effective Responses to SLAPPs in the Global South

We also include and will continue to provide updated information on resources for Defending our Defenders, particularly in relation to physical threats and harassment. We acknowledge that defenders who are targeted with SLAPPs also face direct threats to their person, their families and their property. The first line of defence is ensure physical protection and then work to formulate anti-SLAPP strategies, where necessary.

For African Defenders, the Southern African Human Rights Defenders Network plays a crucial role in ensuring the physical security of defenders. The Southern African Human Rights Defenders Network (SAHRDN) is the regional human rights defenders (HRD) network comprising of representatives from human rights organisations in ten countries in Southern Africa. It was established in February 2013 with the primary mandate to coordinate the protection and security of HRDs in the region, and to enhance their ability to work in their particular countries, in the face of state-driven or supported repression. The secretariat of SAHRDN is hosted by the South African office of the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), an organisation defending human rights and the rule of law worldwide.